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Jennifer Morrison Teases Once Upon a Time's Second Season

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Jennifer Morrison Teases Once Upon a Time's Second Season

Mensagem  Admin em Seg Set 17, 2012 11:44 am

By Carita Rizzo, TV GUIDE
Published 6:56 a.m., Monday, September 17, 2012

The curse being broken on Once Upon a Time resulted in the long awaited reunion between Snow White and Prince Charming, but when the show returns for its second season on Sept. 30 the daughter they sent away as an infant will be none too thrilled by the revelation that her parents have been right under her nose.

"It's a definite adjustment, knowing now that I've spent my whole life looking for them," Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swan, told TV Guide Magazine at the Primetime Creative Emmy Awards on September 15. "I actually have a line in the show where I say, 'All I've known for 28 years is that you gave me up.' So when you finally find those people that you've been looking for, there's all sorts of mixed emotions there."

But fans who have grown to love the friendship between Emma and Mary Margaret should not be too worried about their relationship deteriorating in light of them now being mother and daughter.

"It's not that you lose any of the relationships that have been built outside of knowing they're her parents, but it becomes complicated," says Morrison. "You have to wonder: You really wanted to give up me for the greater good. Is the greater good really better than all of us being together? It's an interesting ethical dilemma."

Armed with more information than she knows what to do with, it would appear that the one character on the show that doesn't have a fairytale counterpart, and who also long fought the notion that the curse was real, has finally found her literary doppelganger.

"This is a big season for Emma because she's now believing in something that was so outrageous, and everything's new to her. So as much as she's not actually Alice in Wonderland, in a sense she feels like Alice in Wonderland, and she's gone down the rabbit hole," says Morrison. "Everything she thought was true, isn't, and everything she questioned is real. Everything is turned on its head, and there's just a lot for her to sort out to get her footing again."

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