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Primeiras informações Sobre a Temporada 2

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Primeiras informações Sobre a Temporada 2

Mensagem  Admin em Qui Maio 17, 2012 12:22 pm

Texto original retirado de Hollywood Hills


New ‘Once Upon A Time’ season 2 spoiler teaser revealed along with fun facts. Recently, TV Line chatted it up with a couple of the “Once Upon A Time” folks,and got a season 2 spoiler teaser and a few fun facts to kick off the offseason spoiler round up.

First, he revealed that the huge smoke that swept through all of Storybrooke in the finale, was originally going to be green, to match the mist that consumed fairytale land in the pilot. However, it was changed to purple to be more symbolic and magical.

Next, they revealed that Ginnifer Goodwin,who plays Snow White,actually has a tattoo of a tiny apple on the inside of her right forearm, but they won’t let her display it on the show. Finally,they dished out a small season 2 spoiler teaser. Prince Charming’s real name is going to be revealed at some point in the new season. That’s apparently some sort of huge secret at the moment.

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